Calvay's Veg Rich Protein Oats Khichadi

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Calvay's VegRich range of Protein + Oats Breakfast is India's first High Protein range of Desi Indian breakfast . Unleash the power of SuperFood- High Fiber Oats in your desi Indian diet . With upto 10 g of Protein & 6 g of Fiber per recommended serving you complete approximately 20% of your daily requirment of Protein. Whey Protein Concentrate which is one of the world's best protein in terms of absorbtion % and completeness, is used as the main Protein fortifying ingredient. Made using 100% Natural & Wholesome Ingredients, make VegRich Power breakfast your everyday Habit !
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Front image of Protein Oats Khichadi  with added Whey Protein
Calvay's VegRich Protein Oats Khichadi (Pack of of 6)
₹ 390
₹ 350

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per 60g serving (approx.)
Energy 250 kcal
Protein 10 g
Total Fat 8.8 g
Saturated Fat 1.9 g
MUFA 2.4 g
PUFA 3.8
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Total Carbohydrates 32.6 g
of which added sugar 1 g
of which Dietary Fiber 6 g
Net Carbohydrates 26.6 g
Net Wt. 360g per pack
Shipping Time 3- 5 Business days (approx.)
Shelf Life 9 Months from packaging date .We usually send you stock that's the fresh in lot -at the most 1 month old
FSSAI Lic Number 11516055000344
Country of origin India
How to Consume 1) Boil approx. 400ml (~2 cups) water in a hard base pan.
2) Add contents of 1 sachet to the boiling water & stir well while cooking for 10-12 minutes
3)Add water if required to match desired consistency- Your Protein Khichadi is ready :) Optional- Add curd & veggies for enhanced taste and nutrition
Manufactured By Kalindi Ventures: 1157 Central Avenue, Gandhibagh, Nagpur Maharashtra India -440032
Allergen Info Our facility deals with wheat,peanuts,sesame seeds, dairy products, dried eggs, mustard, treenuts and soy
Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Number +91 9960818867
Rate per 100g (MRP) Rs.108.3

Get Upto 50% more Protein

We are here to make protein more accessible & super fun to consume through ways which are fun - less complicated and easy to use. Not just that these have upto 50% more protein- they are super delicious too :)

Say hi to Delicious Whey protein breakfast

Whey is 100% Natural Protein derived from Milk. It has one of the highest Protein absorption rates & is amongst complete source of Protein. Our super breakfast mixes carry approx 8-15% added whey

No Maida, No Palm oil & No Preservatives

We take quality ingredients very seriously and make sure nothing that gets in our recipie is junk- still offering lip snacking delicacies. A strict NO to Maida, Palm oils and preservatives.

250 kcal yet Super Delicious

Protein rich diet need not be tasting like medicines nor should it be complicated. Our reay to cook packs just need to be boiled in water making it easy to carry - so that fitness goals are on track
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Can I have protein oats everyday?

Absolutely ! Since all the ingredients used are simply kitchen ingredients and carry nothing that's junk- you can have our protein fortified breakfast almost everyday (We recommend that you include a variety of fruits and nuts in addition to cooked breakfast for improved micronutrients intake)

Is this khichdi good for weight loss ?

Weight loss depends on calorie intake & also depends on ones metabolism (which varies from person to person). Since our protein khichdi is rich in fiber and carries added protein,it aids in keeping one full for longer - thereby reducing instances of eating more and helps you to reduce calorie intake.

Is added protein natural ?

100% Natural - Yes. Our protein oats breakfast is powered with 100% Natural Whey Protein. Whey Protein is a concentrated form of protein present in milk (Much like milk powder low in fat and carbohydrates). It is also classified among the best sources of protein and used in manufacturing of Protein supplements & health drinks.

Is Protein khichdi safe for Kids?

We recommend that kids with the age of 2.5 Years and above,who can chew food properly can easily have our khichadi. Since all ingredients used are 100% Natural and can be easily undestood by any individual, all our products are 100% safe for kids (unless they are allergic to any of ingredients)

Customer Reviews

Amaan Asif

Bollywood Actor

For over a year VegRich Protein Muesli-Rich Coffee has been my go-to breakfast. The perfect kick to start my day the protein rich way

Ani Ray

Fitness Youtuber

Sugar is the enemy of a nutritionist. I was awed by the fact that this muesli was only sweetned with dates and a bowl had 15g Protein. Awesomeness reinvented!

Sonakshi Pandey

Software Developer, Amazon

VegRich has taken care of all my protein needs. I just need to enjoy that amazing taste. Thanks Calvays!


Travel Enthusiast

Being a vegetarian inside a foreign nation isnt that tough now. Thanks to VegRich!