About Us :

Giving your day the Best start!

The Itch to Stay Fit !

On a mission to reach 10 Million Fitness freaks by 2022 , Calvay's is the story of our founders Abhas and Akshay- who call them the "Jugaadu - Engineers"! Highly irritated by the junk food options available when away from home, they set on a sail to find something honestly Nutritious as well as equally appetizing. Unable to find any good options, our geeky founders (who had never cooked more than instant noodles in their entire lives) messed up with their kitchens at home- and surprisingly within a couple of day's concluded - "Kitchen wasn't their cup of tea".

Yay! The Eureka Moment

Yet, being solution finders all their lives, nothing could stop them from arranging to make a team of best Nutrition experts and cooks -who then developed India's first ever Protein Fortified Upma- Calvay's EggRich Upma ! The design principles were simple- A Health Food Product- which can be made by anyone (especially themselves) very easily, would have the consumer meet 20-30% of Daily Nutrition Requirements, wouldn't contain any harmful preservatives, chemicals or additives and of course should be more appetizing than the conventional options!

Serving 1000 + Everyday !

Today, Calvay's - VegRich and EggRich is a choice of Daily breakfast or meals for thousands of individuals across India ! Awed by the first of its kind Complete Protein breakfast, our fitness freak customers across 15+ cities in India make a point to order their monthly stack of Calvay's Protein rich food without Fail or get them stocked from their nearest store !

**Future Foods!

**Abhas says that "Fitness is more about convincing your mind than Body. Anyone can get fit instantly, just by understanding 3 dimensions of food and daily activity- What- When- How Much!". With Calvay's Health Foods, we are set to improve and upgrade your eating and routine habits- to make you more conscious of what life is should be full of - Goodness- Purity and Happiness! Stay Deliciously Fit :)