Calvay's VegRich Protein Muesli Fudge : Dutch Chocolate

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The perfect source of protein rich Breakfast, Calvay's VegRich Whey Protein Muesli is an advanced nutritional cereal to support muscle recovery and growth while making Breakfast Super Delicious. Our Chocolate Muesli is loaded with Whey Protein, added with a touch of real cocoa (and no palm oil or artificial flavours) and sweetened with wholesome dates to provide lasting energy throughout the day. Our muesli is free of any preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sugar syrups or chemicals.
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Why have Calvays Protein Muesli?

Key Ingredients

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Cocoa Powder
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Try some, no?

Protein Muesli Dutch Chocolate by VegRich
Protein Muesli Fudge : Dutch Chocolate (330g)
₹ 350
₹ 315
Dutch Chocolate Protein Muesli Super Saver Combo
Protein Muesli Fudge : Dutch Chocolate (330g x 4)
₹ 1400
₹ 1199

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per 55g serving & 220ml Skim Milk (approx.)
Energy 277 kcal
Protein 15.4 g
Total Fat 2.8 g
Saturated Fat 0.4 g
MUFA 0.5 g
PUFA 1.2
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Omega 3 368 mg
Total Carbohydrates 47.6 g
of which added sugar 0 g
of which Dietary Fiber 3.8 g
Net Carbohydrates 43.8 g
Calcium 310.5 mg
Net Wt. 330g per pack
Shipping Time 3- 5 Business days
Shelf Life 9 Months from packaging date. We usually send you stock that's the fresh in lot -at the most 1 month old.
FSSAI Lic Number 11516055000344
Country of origin India
How to Consume Open up one sachet of Muesli and mix it with warm or cold milk. Top up with favourite fruits like banana or apple slices. That's it - enjoy this as a breakfast, snack or guilt free craving buster !
Manufactured By Kalindi Ventures: 1157 Central Avenue, Gandhibagh, Nagpur Maharashtra India -440032
Allergen Info Our facility deals with wheat,peanuts,sesame seeds, dairy products, dried eggs, mustard, treenuts and soy
Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Number +91 9960818867
Rate per 100g (MRP) Rs. 106.1

70% more Protein compared to regular muesli

One bowl of Calvay's Protein Muesli offers 15g Protein which is approx. 25% of your daily recommended protein intake. This is protein equivalent to five egg whites or three bowl of toor daal

100% Whey Protein & 0% Soy Protein

Whey is 100% Natural Protein derived from Milk. It has one of the highest Protein absorption rates & houses all 9 essential amino acids required by body, making it a complete source of Protein.

0% Added Sugar & nothing else

This bowl of Muesli is sweetened Naturally with Dates only. Unlike most traditional mueslis in the market, we do not use any added sugars,syrups or artificial sweetners in our muesli

Tasty, Crunchy & Nutritious

Nutritious ingredients topped up with crunchy dry fruits are surely going to make you crave for our Chocoberry Muesli every day. Finally a Protein Muesli that is beyond healthy and tasty !
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Is this muesli sugar free ?

Yes ! Calvay's VegRich Protein Mueslis have zero added refined sugars , no sugar syrups, no honey and no glucose syrups. We make use of Dried dates (kharikh) to sweeten our Muesli which offers little sweeteness alongwith host of naturally occuring vitamins and minerals

Is this muesli good for weight loss or weight gain ?

Weight gain or weight loss is all a calorie intake game and also depends on metabolism which varies from person to person. Calvay's Protein Muesli makes sure you get upto 70% higher protein and high fiber which make you fuller for longer and reduce the need of frequent eating - hence calorie control.

Can everyone in my family have this muesli ?

We recommend that anyone who can chew food properly can have it as a Healthy replacement of snacks or desserts (Pl check allergens carefully before consuming). Right from children to their grandparents -everyone loves to indulge in our Protein Muesli and have realized how can Healthy Eating be Delicious too.

Is added protein natural ?

100% Natural - Yes. Calvay's Protein Muesli is powered with 100% Natural Whey Protein. Whey Protein is a concentrated form of protein present in milk (Much like milk powder low in fat and carbohydrates). It is also classified among the best sources of protein and used in manufacturing of Protein supplements.

Is Protein Muesli safe for Kids?

We recommend that kids with the age of 2.5 Years and above,who can chew food properly can easily have our Muesli. Since all ingredients used are 100% Natural and can be easily undestood by any individual, all our products are 100% safe for kids (unless they have allergies to any of ingredients)

What is the best time to have Protein Muesli ?

Protein Muesli is a balanced diet food with excellent protein and fiber content best had as a breakfast ,as a post workout snack or to dodge chocolate cravings. Having it in your breakfast helps body with the boost of startup macro-nutrients. Hi-Protein in muesli alon with fiber aids in keeping you full for 3-4 hours.

Is your Protein Muesli powdery ?

Semi-powdery. Our Protein Muesli experience is unique. We make use of 100% Natural ingredients, Whey Protein, Dates powder and Cocoa in least processed form and hence our Muesli appears powdery. For convenince of use and calorie control, our Protein Muesli is packed in individual sachets of 55g.

Is this muesli diabetic friendly ?

All the sweetness in our muesli is a result of dried dates powder. Dates primarily contain fructose and lower levels of sucrose (sugar is 100% sucrose) and hence they doen't spike blood sugar levels as easily as sugar does. However it is better to consult your dietician for this.

Customer Reviews

Amaan Asif

Bollywood Actor

For over a year VegRich Protein Muesli-Rich Coffee has been my go-to breakfast. The perfect kick to start my day the protein rich way

Ani Ray

Fitness Youtuber

Sugar is the enemy of a nutritionist. I was awed by the fact that this muesli was only sweetned with dates and a bowl had 15g Protein. Awesomeness reinvented!

Sonakshi Pandey

Software Developer, Amazon

VegRich has taken care of all my protein needs. I just need to enjoy that amazing taste. Thanks Calvays!


Travel Enthusiast

Being a vegetarian inside a foreign nation isnt that tough now. Thanks to VegRich!