Muesli, what, why and how?

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You've landed on the right page if you don't know much about Muesli other than the fact that it is a very popular breakfast option and is very healthy. And, you're not alone. It is astonishing how little people know about Muesli. This however, makes it much more interesting. It's like a hidden treasure with all the jewels that everyone has heard of but no one knows about. Okay, so let's dive in then?

What is Muesli anyways?

Muesli (pronounced MEWZ-lee) is an oatmeal dish which is generally served cold. Its primarily based on raw rolled oats. What started as a plain breakfast option is now a diverse flavour rich semi meal. Different ingredients that are now presumed to be part of the traditional Muesli are, different types of nuts, grains, seeds and fruits(either fresh or dried).
Traditionally, Muesli was consumed with Milk or cream. However in todays date, Yoghurt and other Milk products are added to packaged or homemade Muesli recipes. Muesli is generally confused with Granola, which is a more sugary option. Muesli is more natural than Granola and hence healthier. Muesli is rich in fibre as well as proteins. It is taken as a standard breakfast dish nowadays, just like how cereals are. Just like cereals they are very easy to prepare. Seeing the potential in Muesli, health food brands from all over the world have created their own Muesli product. However, as we will see later in the blog, consumers need to be careful while choosing the brand of Muesli that they have. To boost sales, large corporations generally try to make the Muesli taste better rather than making them healthier. This although brings down the price of the product, is harmful in the long run.

Rich in fibre and high in protein content, these are the only 2 advantages of Muesli that mentioned till now. However there are many other, lets look at these.

Why is Muesli said to be so healthy?

Helps you reduce weight

Fibers and whole grains are excellent for your digestion but also, they keep you appetite in check. You'll feel fuller for the most part, and that too for longer. This in turn will hep you avoid cravings for any sort. Presence of resistant starch is another reason it helps. When the resistant starch is processes in your body, it helps release digestive acids (which help you to suppress you appetite). This in turn speeds up your metabolism which means that you'll burn more calories in less time. This study show the same.

Healthy Heart

Heard about beta-glucan?

According to this study, beta-glucan helps you reduce cholesterol by up to 10 percent.

And, guess what? Muesli contains oat bran, which includes an oat fiber called beta-glucan.


Wouldn't it be great if you could do something about those constant cravings you have. Something that could improve the sensory and gustatory properties of things you have.

Guess what, according to this study, beta-glucan does exactly that.

You’ll Avoid Eating Something Unhealthy

Along with giving you all those benefits, it will help you start avoiding unhealthy things that you used to have in breakfast. No sugary drinks, nothing fried, nothing with excessive oil. Having Muesli will act like a smart breakfast decision that'll help you all day long.

Might help you reach your daily Protein requirements

Muesli is already protein-rich. It'll give a good start for the day. You could however, add other things that'll give you more protein. This could include different types of nuts. Nuts are not only high in the protein that they provide but also are a perfect combination to the dried oatmeal. Milk is another entity that could help you get more protein. Protein powders too provide the added benefits. Its a hassle to however pick out the correct powder and add it in proportion (if not done in proper proportion it could spoil the taste).

Let's take you through different ways you could prepare your Muesli daily so that they don't seem monotonous.

So, how do I eat it?

Add fruits and oats

This is the most common way to have it. You could do it the night before and have them in the morning.

Use cocoa

Cocoa give you the chocolate flavouring. Its a bliss for chocolate lovers. In addition to that it is very rich in anti-oxidants, providing you with both, task and health.

Have it with Yoghurt

Many lactose intolerant people find it easier to digest Yogurt instead of Milk. Muesli taste great with Yoghurt. Its a popular option amongst people nowadays.

Try to avoid Sugary Muesli

Companies nowadays have started selling sugar laden Mueslis. These help the companies in 2 ways. First, Cost of sugar is less than the cost of nuts and other popular ingredients that are added to Muesli. Thus, adding sugar helps them sell their products at a cheaper rate. Second, people like these type of Mueslis better because they taste better (because of the excessive sugar). Having such a heavily sugar laden meal in the beginning of the day might prove to be hazardous. Having sugar laden mueslis defeat all the benefits of having Mueslis and essentially do more bad to your body than good. Try having Mueslis which are as low on Sugar as possible and the one's which are using natural sweeteners.

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Calvay's Muesli

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We offer Sugar Free Mueslis as well as Naturally sweetned Mueslis. These include

All our Mueslis are completely vegetarian.

We use Whey Protein and different nuts to increase the protein content in the Muesli.

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Having a serving with Milk helps you complete almost 25 percent of your daily protein requirement.

Its 100 percent natural and has high fibre content.