As a Big step to curb the Corona Virus, India is on a complete Lockdown for 21 Days. A nationwide cooperation can help us overcome this challenging situation. With outdoor movements being restricted for almost 3 weeks, we show you How to stay Fit during Covid 19 lockdown , right from your home!

1. Wake up Early & Sleep on time

Work from home / No Office / No College does not mean you should wake up late and sleep late night. You must consciously prepare your mind that these 21 days will be the ones bringing significant transformation to your lifestyle. Make sure to have 7-9 hrs of sound sleep also making it a point to wake up atleast by 7 AM.

2. Plan your Day

Plan your Day

Did you know 80-90% of those who determine to go for a Transformation, end up doing most things wrong- reason being " Making No Plans". Making a list of tasks / projects / household family work you need to accomplish on daily & weekly basis is the first thing you must do. It would hardly take 5-10mins . Make sure you hang this list at a prominent place at your home (maybe you can hang it on your wardrobe). Planning must include Personal goals- of fitness , how much do you need to loose/gain, diet chart based on the grocery easily available at home, work goals, skill upgrade goals, family goals and mental goals. You can also include your hobby or productive tasks that make you feel Happy! Make sure you also frame a timeline for the above goals.

3. Switch to Wholesome & Quantified Breakfast , Snacks and Meals

It is not so difficult to find the right food options at home during this difficult period. Just keep in mind that You need to eat clean, calculate what you eat and eat at proper intervals.

Breakfast Options: Switch Rice and Wheat fully or partially with Oats/Quinoa / millets. Try making Oats poha, Oats Khichadi, Oats Upma, Oats Daliya . Add Peanuts & Almonds to make a dish more wholesome and crunchy. You may also try Protein fortified breakfast cereals or Protein Muesli. Protien Muesli is a Wholesome package of Proteins, Essential Fats and brings within it goodness of Multigrains including Oats. Make sure that there is No Added Sugar, Invert Syrup or High Fructose Corn Syrups among the ingredients. Prefer having freshly cut fruits and vegetable salads over fruit juices.

Snacking Options: Fresh Milk Shake, Soy Milk, sweetened with Fruits like Banana and Apple along with some sprouts and seeds of Chia Pumpkin and Flax is a Great Snacking options which shall be filling and dense in nutrients. Having any Protein Supplement with approx 20-25 g protein is also a great Snacking option. Avoid Chips and deepr friend products completely.

Meal Options: Oats Chilla, Oats Khichadi, Pulses, Dosas and Idly with good quantity of Sambhar/ pulses shall be easy option for preparation as well as for your digestion. Having your dinner by 7- 8 PM will be ideal and shall benefit your digestive system too. Include bowl of curd and raw / boiled vegetable in your meals.

4. Ensure you consume Protein Rich Food

Try to avoid sugar loaded and Fried products as much as possible. A Diet rich in Protein and Fiber helps you keep full for long, helping you avoid instances of un-necessary munching. Also Protein being a vital nutrient helps you build you muscles , and benefits skin and hair . Milk, Pulses, Soy , Paneer and Curd are some of the Vegetarian sources rich in Protein and easily available at Home. Non- vegetarian sources rich in protein include Eggs, Chicken and Sea food. (There are no scientific evidences relating Corona virus spread through Non- veg Foods as on date. It is recommended to have daily protein intake of 1.2g to 1.5 g per kg Body weight. For Eg a Person weighing 60kg should consume 72g to 90g of Protein per day.

5. Try these New techniques to make Workouts Fun at home

Even with no access to Gyms, Nothing can stop you from transforming yourself if your determination is strong ! Some of the latest techniques are listed below:

1.Full Body Workout By Ani Ray

2.Tabata Session

3.Power Yoga

Ensure, that you spend between 30 min to 1 hr doing the workouts. You may also try variations and a different workout everyday.

6. Spend Quality time with Family

Take this opportunity to consciously start having dialogues with your loved ones. There are always some topics both of you wanted to talk about but couldn't . Talk about how you would together fight this situation. Fix common timings for Breakfast and Meals. Contribute in sharing time and efforts for daily work including daily chores. Spend time cleaning and even helping preparing Food. Make your kids follow this schedule too .

7. Read, Learn and pursue your passion


Rather than binge watching online series and scrolling social media websites, use this time to do things which make you feel Happy ! Pursuing your childhood hobby like reading comics, playing some musical instruments, reciting shlokas etc help you in boosting up your mood while also refreshing the old good memories. Learning and Upgrading to new skill sets is now more easy than ever. With lot many edu-tech companies offerings online training and courses you may choose to upgarde your skill sets -It is just a few clicks away.

8. Go on a Digital Detox too- atleast once a week!


It is quite likely that the average time you spend on social media and other digital apps has increased during this lockdown period. A continued high engagement with digital content may cause psychological problems , induce stress and even lead to depression. You must reduce your interaction with smartphones / laptops and other electronic devices as much as possible. Refraining from all digital media for an entire day at least once a week will also be much more effective to your mental health.

9. Minimize Wastage of Food, Electricity & Water


These basic resources we can't live without must be conservatively used. Staying Healthy & Fit should not only be limited to oneself- but should also be expanded to all spheres of life. Although the authorities shall try thier best to make the availability of resources round the clock, there can be certain geographies which may face logistical and operational challenges at certain times. Its our social responsibility to conserve these resources and continue doing so even after the lockdown period ends. Keeping a daily watch on water and electric meter readings can help. We can easily take simple steps to avoid excess use of electricity and water and aim to reduce it by atleast around 10%.

10. Get in touch with your Clients, Old Friends & Pray For Good Health!

get in touch

It is vital to understand the views of your day to day clients who would be having their set of challenges. Their mind frame may help you keep updated about Industrial challenges and you will be well prepared to tackle it once you get back to work after the lockdown. Get in touch with friends from around the world. Communicate each other's challenges. Avoid spreading and forwarding rumors. Pray for Good health and a speedy recovery of this world from Corona !