7 Morning rituals for a Healthy life

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Well begun is half done

We've all heard this tens of times. But, most of us have never thought of this in reference with the day. Having a positive start to the day has a great impact on how the remaining part of your day goes. Waking up, having a quick snack and hurriedly starting off work is what most of us are accustomed to. This is problematic not only because your mind does not get enough time to prepare for the day but also because it hampers your health in the long run.

One other thing thats very important to notice here is that your mind is the most energetic in the morning just after you wake up. This is a good time to spend on something that'll benefit you in the long run. The results of following a consistent set of morning rituals might not be immediately visible, however, you would definitely see the impact in the long run.

Given the importance of consistently following morning rituals we've curated the list of top 7 habits that we think are the most useful.

Waking up Early

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

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Healthy, Wealthy, and wise. Woaah! Those are literally the three most important things that all of us yearn for. Waking up early has lots of benefits. You get additional time to prepare for the battle (your day) that's going to follow.

Early morning feels like the 25th hour of the day. Most of us have been sleeping through it. Researches have shown that people who wake up early tend to be more optimistic and focused. They are also said to be able to anticipate problems and minimise risks.

This however does not mean that you should not complete your sleep. Incomplete sleep causes other health issues. Waking up early can only be achieved if you sleep early.

Drinking lukewarm water with lemon

Lemon Water

Drinking lukewarm lemon water is the rage nowadays. But it's not another fad. It offers you multiple health benefits.

It promotes hydration. Citric fruits like Lemons are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect cells against radicals. Amongst other things lemon juice helps you in weight loss, improves your skin quality and aids digestion.

Exercising & Meditating

There's no other thing that feels as good as exercising in the morning. It not only is extremely healthy but also gives you a sense of achievement in the morning.

Practicing meditation and breathing exercises like Pranayama early in the morning, too, has great health benefits. The reason that it's best to do in the morning is that the pollution levels are at the lowest and it is the most peaceful time of the day.

Having a healthy breakfast

We can't stress the importance of breakfast enough. There's an old saying that goes, Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

Having a glass of milk, or a cup of tea as breakfast is the worst mistake you could make. Breakfast should be heavy. It should be a balanced diet with all the required vitamins and minerals.

Breakfast is important because it improves your brain power, helps you control your weight, gives you the required energy and may reduce risk of illness.


Lady reading, animated

Reading has a lot of benefits. It keeps you up to speed with the world and increases your knowledge base. Reading also keeps you motivated and inspired throughout the day.

Reading in the morning is like starting your day on fire. It gives you new ideas, you learn from people's experience and you have the whole day ahead to implement whatever you read.

Elon Musk and Warren Buffett are famous for reading for hours a day. Even, Mukesh Ambani talks about reading many times in his interviews. The amount of new ideas and insights you get by reading are huge and really needed for one's personal growth.

Planing your day ahead

Planning your day is very important. It gives you a picture of what you are signed up for the day so that you can prepare for the same. There might be somethings that you haven't accounted for and if you are already aware of that early in the morning you get a whole lot of time to get prepared.

This is also a good time to put to-do lists for the day. To-do lists could include anything from picking something up from grocery, planning on for a festival ahead, to wishing someone on their anniversary and birthday.

Making your bed

Lady making her bed

As trivial as it may sound, you should make your bed each morning as soon as you wake up. Just by making your bed, you have accomplished a small task. Completing one small thing motivates you to do other small things. All of these smalls, however, when put together lead to a drastic change in your overall lifestyle, and in a positive way.

It also helps you organise your home and tidy up. The bed generally covers a large portion of the bedroom and if it's left untidy you wouldn't probably pay attention to the other messy parts of your room. However, when you make your bed you would not hesitate on cleaning the rest of the room as well. This would in turn lead to a tidier place

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