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Protein Muesli Rich Coffee

Protein Muesli Rich Coffee

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Wheat flakes (0% added sugar), Dried dates powder, Oat flakes, Whey Protein concentrate, Cocoa powder, Coffee powder (No chicory), Black raisins & Almonds

How to use

Open up one sachet of Muesli and mix it with warm or cold milk. Top up with favourite fruits like banana or apple. That's it - enjoy this as a breakfast, snack or guilt free craving buster !


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Looking for a tasty way to boost your protein intake while indulging in the delicious taste of coffee? Calvay's Protein Muesli in coffee flavor is a healthy breakfast option made with whey protein and sweetened with dates. With 15g of protein per serving and a superb bitter sweet taste, it's a convenient choice for coffee lovers looking for a healthier alternative to traditional sugary cereals. Start your day off right with Calvay's Protein Muesli in coffee flavor.

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  • Coffee + Protein = Majja ni Life

  • Good vibes only 😇

  • Start of a guilt free breakfast

  • Comparinng Mueslis is easier than ever !

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" This bitter sweet flavour makes me come back for more, everyday"

OSHIN , Artist

Why Calvay's ?

💪🏻 Convenient Protein Fix
😋 Super Delicious
🌿 Made with Natural Ingredients