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Protein Oats Poha

Protein Oats Poha

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Rice flakes, Rolled Oats,Peanuts, Sunflower oil, Whey Protein, Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Salt, Sugar, Green chillies, Turmeric, Curry leaves & Citric acid.

How to use

1) Boil half cup of water (70 ml)
2) In a bowl open up contents of the sachet and gradually pour the hot water while mixing steadily.
3) Cover the bowl with lid for 4 minutes. Post 4 minutes, open the lid and mix well. - You are good to enjoy :)


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Try Calvay's Protein Fortified Poha for a convenient and tasty way to boost your protein intake. One serving offers 8g of protein and is made with 100% natural ingredients, including wholegrain oats for added nutrition. It's easy to prepare and has a heavenly taste. Make Calvay's Protein Fortified Poha a part of your healthy breakfast routine.

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"This Poha is a delicious and convenient way to start my day. Addition of Oats make it a nourishing choice that I always feel good about eating."


Why Calvay's ?

💪🏻 Convenient Protein Fix
😋 Super Delicious
🌿 Made with Natural Ingredients