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Protein Oats Khichadi

Protein Oats Khichadi

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Moong dal, Oats, Sunflower Oil, Whey Protein, Ghee, Peanuts, Mustard, Cumin, Salt, Sugar, Curry leaves, Red chilli powder, Turmeric, Asafoetida & Citric acid.

How to use

1) Boil approx. 400ml (~2 cups) water in a hard base pan.
2) Add contents of 1 sachet to the boiling water & stir well while cooking for 10-12 minutes
3)Add water if required to match desired consistency- Your Protein Khichadi is ready :) Optional- Add curd & veggies for enhanced taste and nutrition


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Try Calvay's Protein Oats Khichadi for a tasty and convenient way to boost your protein intake. Made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with wholegrain oats, this delicious meal is a nourishing and satisfying choice for breakfast or meal. With 10g of protein & 6g fiber per serving, it's a great way to fuel your body and keep you feeling full and energized. Make Calvay's Protein Oats Khichadi a part of your healthy diet.

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"Protein Khichadi is a tasty and convenient way to get my daily dose of protein in my dinner. It keeps me full and satisfied, and I highly recommend it."

PUJA AGARWAL, Interior designer

Why Calvay's ?

💪🏻 Convenient Protein Fix
😋 Super Delicious
🌿 Made with Natural Ingredients