About us

Calvayfood was founded with the goal of making nutritious and appetizing protein-rich food easily accessible to people on the go. Our founders, Abhas and Akshay, were frustrated by the lack of healthy options when they were away from home, so they set out to create a solution. After experimenting in their own kitchens and failing to find success, they teamed up with nutrition experts and cooks to develop India's first protein-fortified upma, Calvayfood's EggRich Upma.

Our products are designed with simple principles in mind: they should be easy to make, meet 20-30% of daily nutrition requirements, contain no harmful preservatives, chemicals, or additives, and be more appetizing than traditional options. Today, Calvayfood's VegRich and EggRich upma is a daily choice for thousands of individuals across India. Our customers in over 15 cities across the country make a point to order their monthly supply of Calvayfood's protein-rich food or stock up at their nearest store.

At Calvayfood, we believe that fitness is about convincing your mind as much as your body. By understanding the three dimensions of food and daily activity – what, when, and how much – anyone can improve their eating and routine habits and live a healthier, happier life. Our mission is to improve and upgrade your eating and routine habits with our delicious and pure health foods. Stay fit with Calvayfood!